Ok so scooter are remarkable things for the elderly and anyone that needs them well in Annabelle case not so great. Before her diagnosis it was like we had to reteach her everything she wasn’t meant to do.

Right so she would but her hand in the cooker to see if it was hot, she would wring the mop out with her hands after putting a boiling kettle of water into the bucket, she would go crazy if you through tea bags away and the list goes on social services wasn’t interested it took me to go to a pretty drastic action to get her help.

so one day she had 50 catatonic seizures and we had to ring out for the ambulance well when they were taking her to hospital i was in the front discussing her situation with a female paramedic and i actually allowed them to put in a vulnerable person at risk assessment under the grounds of neglect i know drastic or  what so we were in the hospital for about an hour and half  and who should ring through to the doctor on call but her newly appointed social worker shocking dont you think.

anyway we were given a scooter for her i thought it would be a good idea to take her out on it all the way to the nearest shopping centre well she didn’t have the hang of the breaks and lets just say always explain things to people with autism before you release them yo the world otherwise you will find yourself being a buffer between a man in a van and a main road i had Tyre tracks and an extremely bruised foot.




Welcome to my autistic journey!!!!!! 

A lot of things inspire me in my life and the main one that does is my aunt annabelle (not her real name but she decided she wanted to sound mysterious) she is the most positive person i know and its her life that needs to be heard, now as you can tell from the title she is autistic many people dont have a voice but i feel she needs one.

Now where do i start my aunt is 56 years young and was diagnosed with autisum only 6 years ago and gosh hasnt she took us on a journey she also suffers from catatonic seizures and thats the most fun i will give you an example we sat in a psychologist office trying to get a diagnosis and she decided she was going to have a catatonic seizure when she came out of this seizure she told the psychologist she didn’t know who she was looked at me and said i remember you your the prostitute from upstairs i was horrified as this judgmental psychologist just stared at me.

Now my aunt worked as a carer for 30 years before life took a cruel turn now as a lot of autistic carers will tell you the most important thing is routine but how are you supposed to impose a routine with no diagnosis because the system that was meant to protect and support you let you down in the worst ways, now imagine growing up being told you were thick and slow and never amount to anything because of something out of your control.

Because she was only diagnosed 6 years ago there is no help or agencys that help older people with autism so this is why i have started a blog about this amazing funny women who at 56 is obsessed with flo rida and lil wayne loves a cup of tea and is highly inappropriate in the supermarkets and flirts with any young man she comes across that has pretty eyes.

My aunt and people like her deserve to be heard so im just going to keep writing and hope her voice will be heard and others like her so you are more than welcome to join me on this crazy autistic journey you will be able to see the battles she goes through everyday…..